"Straight Talk" About Wheelchair Vans

Not every wheelchair van is created equal.

The best conversion companies invest in great engineering, extensive testing for safety and performance, and aggressive quality control.

The best conversion companies also form close working relationships with the original van manufacturers such as Toyota, Dodge, Chrysler, and Honda, to ensure conversion components and functions integrate smoothly with the original van design.

We hope you will enjoy and learn from these nine informative "Straight Talk" videos created by BraunAbility to highlight the major conversion components of a wheelchair van.


Introduction to "Straight Talk"




Brake Systems

Fuel Systems

Sliding Doors

Exhaust Systems

Making The Right Choice

This video series demonstrates BraunAbility's attention to detail on smart engineering, safety, and quality.  As we said in the beginning...not every wheelchair van is created equal.  Shop wisely, learn all you can, and ask lots of questions.

We're always proud to have a beautiful, safe, reliable BraunAbility wheelchair accessible van in our showroom.