Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals - Oklahoma City, OK

Handi-cap Aids & Mobility Auto Sales offers wheelchair accessible vans for Rental.  Whether you need a wheelchair accessible van for a day, a week, or a month...call us today to reserve your van!

Dedicated To Providing Quality Wheelchair Rental Vans

Founded in February of 1997, Accessible Vans of America, LLC. (AVA) is a member-owned organization made up of independent Mobility Dealers across the United States who rent, sell, and service wheelchair accessible vehicles.

AVA recruits only existing top Mobility Dealers who are also members of National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). This qualification ensures all AVA locations have knowledge, training, and understanding of the specialized needs and abilities that exist for our customers.

AVA dealers consistently provide customers with the highest standards of product quality, safety, and customer service found in the industry. Our wheelchair rental vans are regularly inspected to ensure you receive an accessible vehicle rental that is reliable and comfortable.

For wheelchair RENTAL vans outside of Oklahoma, go to www.accessiblevans.com to find an AVA member near you.

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All Rentals Subject to
14.375% Sales Tax plus State Rental Tax

 1-6 Days $110 per day  
 1 Day $110 $125.81 including tax
 2 Days $220 $251.63 including tax
 3 Days $330 $377.44 including tax 
 4 Days $440  $503.25 including tax
 5 Days $550 $629.06 including tax
 6 Days $660  $754.88 including tax
7-14 Days $105 per day  
 7 Days $735 $840.66 including tax
 8 Days $840 $960.75 including tax
 9 Days $945 $1,080.84 including tax
 10 Days $1,050 $1,200.94 including tax
 11 Days $1,155 $1,321.03 including tax
 12 Days $1,260 $1,441.13 including tax
 13 Days $1,365 $1,561.22 including tax
 14 Days $1,470 $1,681.31 including tax
 15-30 Days  $95 per day  
 30 Days  $2,850  $3,259.69 including tax
 Multi-Month  $90 per day  Limited availability

NOTE:  Extended term rentals must be reserved and scheduled in advance to be eligible for discounted rates shown above.


 100 miles per day included in price.
 (Example: 3 days = 300 included miles)
 $.35 per mile after that.
 Sales Tax 8.375% plus State Rental Tax 6%.
 All rentals subject to State Rental Tax.
 Full coverage insurance (comp & collision)
 required.  Must apply to rental vehicle
 and accessible conversion.
 Rental fee must be paid in full with
 major credit card at time of rental pickup.
 (Any excess mileage will be due
 upon return of rental.)
 Driver must be at least 25 years of age and
 present valid driver's license.
 Return van with fuel at original level
 to avoid $75 refueling charge.