Bruno ASL-700 Chariot

MSRP starting at $4,500

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What does it do?

This Lift on Wheels lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair for transport behind your small, mid-sized, or large car at the touch of a button.  Simply roll your mobility device on the platform (entering from either side), touch a button, and let Chariot do the lifting for you.  Self-tensioning retractable belts (one-handed operation) are included for securement of your powerchair or scooter.  

The Chariot uses two independent wheels which swivel and track precisely with your car.  With its own suspension, this remarkable wheeled lift virtually eliminates any additional weight or force on the car! 

Best of all, when it's time to back up, this is NOT like backing a trailer.  You don't need any special skills.  With Chariot, you can back the car effortlessly with no jackknifing to worry about.  Whether you're driving down the road, making a turn, or backing out of a parking space, Chariot goes where you go...just drive normally

Weight capacity?

350 lb. lifting capacity

Hitch compatibility?

Vehicle must be compatible with a Class I or Class II receiver-style, frame-mounted hitch.  We will research your vehicle to determine if a compatible hitch is available.  If you wish, we can install your hitch for you.

Vehicle compatibility?

Most small, mid-sized, or large cars.  (If car has hatchback-style opening, lift may need to be partially lowered when you want to open the rear hatch.)

Swivel Wheels Illustration

Product Highlights?

  • Swivel Wheels - the lift follows precisely, even when driving vehicle in reverse
  • Independent Suspension
  • No jackknifing!
  • Fully Powered - makes lifting and storing your scooter or powerchair outside your car virtually effortless with one button operation
  • 350 lb. lifting capacity
  • Safe, Reliable and 3rd party tested - extreme rough road conditions, laboratory testing, and environmental operating extremes
  • Drive On/Off either side of platform - no reversing necessary
  • Platform folds easily - one-handed operation
  • Retractable belts included for securement - one-handed operation
  • Access rear vehicle hatch - simply lower lift a bit for most hatchbacks
  • Standard light package - lighted license plate holder, running lights, brake lights, turn signal lights
  • Manual backup system
  • No structural modifications to your vehicle - mounts to your vehicle's Class I or Class II frame-mounted receiver hitch (hitch not included)
  • Can reinstall on your next vehicle
  • Optional - corner markers and spare tire
  • Eligible for Mobility Rebate - up to $1,200 is available to help pay for a Chariot when you purchase a new vehicle from a participating automobile manufacturer

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We work with lenders who provide financing to qualified buyers needing to purchase mobility equipment for their vehicles.  Ask us for details about these small-loan programs.  Even if your credit is “bruised,” we may have a solution for you.  Additionally, we accept all major credit cards.