Bruno ASL-250 Out-Sider Meridian - Exterior Lift

MSRP starting at $2,420

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How does it work?

At the touch of a button, this easy-to-use exterior lift raises and stores a fully-assembled scooter or power chair for transport on the outside of your vehicle.  Simply roll your mobility device on the lift platform from either side, hit a button, and let the ASL-250 Out-Sider Meridian do the lifting for you.  Scooters and power chairs are automatically secured when the lift is raised.  Retractable belts are also available for securement.

Because this lift is hitch-mounted, all your cargo room in the rear of the vehicle is preserved.  An optional swing-away arm allows easy cargo access for vehicles with rear door or tailgate.

Safety Note: The combined weight of your scooter or power chair and this lift (with or without a Swing Away) should not exceed the tongue weight rating (TWR) of your vehicle’s hitch receiver.

What are the product highlights?

  • Fully Powered - Makes lifting and storing your scooter or power chair outside your vehicle virtually effortless - one button operation.
  • Lifting capacity - 350 lbs.
  • Compatible with minivans, SUVs, CUVs, pickup trucks, full-size vans, and many sedans and station wagons.
  • Safe/Reliable - Independently tested for rough road conditions, 100,000 mile life, and environmental operating extremes.
  • Drive on/off either side of platform - no reversing necessary.
  • Platform automatically folds up when not in use.
  • Automatically secures scooters and power chairs when lift is raised. (Retractable belts are also available for securement.)
  • Optional Swing-Away is available to allow access to rear door or tailgate.
  • Standard lighted license plate holder with third brake light provides additional safety.
  • Powered by your vehicle's battery.
  • No structural modifications to your vehicle - mounts to your vehicle's Class II or Class III hitch receiver (hitch not included).
  • Can reinstall on your next compatible vehicle.
  • Sales, installation, and service provided here at our facility or by a national network of Bruno dealers when you're traveling away from home.

AND...Bruno's ASL-250 Out-Sider Meridian lift works well with other vehicle solutions, including seating systems, transfer seats, and hand controls. We'll work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

What are the user requirements?

To use this lift, the consumer (end user or attendant) must be physically able to do the following:

  • Walk from the front to the rear of the vehicle and vice versa.
  • Stand for two to three minutes.
  • Drive mobility device on/off platform.
  • Hold down a button on the control arm.

To use the securement system:

  • For Automatic Hold-Tite for Scooters version - there are no additional requirements.
  • For HTP Automatic Hold-Tite for Power Chairs version - release and swing arm into position (one-handed operation). Reverse the actions to unload.
  • For Retractable Belts version - lean over to hold release lever, then connect hook to receiver on power chair. Turn crank to tighten or loosen straps.
  • If using a Swing-Away - lean over, remove a locking pin, lift a release lever (requires 6 lbs. of force), and swing the lift away from the rear of the vehicle. Reverse the actions to return lift to normal position.

Financing options for mobility equipment?

We work with lenders who provide financing to qualified buyers needing to purchase mobility equipment for their vehicles.  Ask us for details about these small-loan programs.  Even if your credit is "bruised," we may have a solution for you.  Additionally, we accept all major credit cards.